do all epi speedy 25 have date code

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  1. I purchased a myrtille epi speedy 25. it does not have a date code. i have it authenticated by mypoupette and they told me it is authentic. Is this common?:sad:
  2. No little leather tag inside the pocket? Not unheard of but not common. Can you post pics of the LV heatstamp on the leaf and exterior corner and the zipper pull?
  3. just bought one two days ago - black epi speedy 25. i had to check - there's a leather tag inside one of the pockets.
  4. Many of the older ones (without the full lining) have the date code just like the canvas speedies underneath the pocket on the leather tab. you have to lift the pocket up to see it. I have a vintage Epi speedy 25 in black and this is where mine is.
  5. I owned 4 Epi Speedy 25 and all have date code. IT locate at the leather piece below the linning pocket.
  6. i believe if its an old speedy, there will not be a datecode? like products before 1990 or something
  7. Are you sure it is Myrtille? That is not a vintage color.

    Can you please post pics of the bag?
  8. I am sorry I know that this is an old thread but I just bought a black epi speedy without this possible?
  9. I just purchased my Epi Speedy 30 from LV and the date code is in the inside right pocket.
  10. Hi ladies,

    I'm sorry to bump this old threat but I was unable to find any answers on the net about this. So I have two Epi Speedy 25s: blue and black. There is a D-ring key hook on my blue but not the black - I was wondering if it is common for some older Speedys not to have D-rings.

    Thanks in advance.
  11. Yes