Do all designer bags come with serial #'s?

  1. Hi, I was just wondering if all designer bags have some kind of serial number inside the bag.
    My friend says that if it doesnt have one then its fake. True/False?

    Thanks for any info.
  2. not all......

    my LV's have date codes, i have one from Marc by Marc Jacobs, and i can't seem to find any........
  3. what bag is she referring to anyway?
  4. No, not all
  5. No

  6. Any chanel, louis, marc, balenciaga
  7. A serial number is no guarantee of authenticity. Even the fakes have them. It's also true that not all designers put serial numbers on their bags. Donna Karan doesn't. I know that for sure. Louis Vuitton doesn't technically have serial numbers. The numbers on LV bags are the date code. It only specifies the month, year, and location of manufacture. Several bags can have the same date code, because obviously they make hundreds of bags a month at each factory.
  8. No. Some brands come with date codes rather than serial numbers, and certain lines do not even come with serial numbers or date codes at all. Certain LVs and Marc Jacobs do not come with anything...