Do all dark (or red) linings bleed?

La Pucelle

Oct 31, 2006
I've just been reading some past threads as I'm interested in purchasing either from the Damier line, or the Multicolore, and was disturbed to find out that the red linings bleed. Has this just happened with the Damier Speedy, or do other bags have this problem also? Some of the Multicolore bags have a red alcantara lining (same as the microfiber?). Do any other LV dark linings bleed? Thanks!
It's not ALL Damier Speedy's, either. Mine (just sold it) didn't bleed at all. But my SA told me that is has been an issue with the red lining across the board, but that not all the bags are problematic.
My Shirley has the fabulous red alcantara lining and I'm totally not going to use my perle vernis cles with it. I'm very afraid that would bleed or color transfer... won't even go there...but, I love the lining, I would use mono or more MC with it... just not a light vernis... how else does it bleed?
I have a Damier Speedy and I haven't had any bleeding problems.

Ya, as a previous poster said....not all damier speedy lining bleeds....Just depends I guess..
I had a White Multicolore Speedy and I didn't zip it half the time and near the zipper I did have it rub off on it some, and nothing I tried would get it off! You just have to be careful.
It seems to only be the red canvas linings (not the soft linings like what is in the damier saleya). It's interesting that some folks have had no bleeding. At my store, the SA tried the damier speedies and the Illovo (sp?) and they all bled! I would like to own those bags, but can't pay that much for something that transfers color easily....
My SA said that she sent a written report of this to quality control and was waiting to hear back. She is going to call me if/when she finds out more.
I also think that it is only some items that bleed. I have a duomo though, not a damier speedy and so far no problems. Saying that I would still be really careful if have you light coloured vernis pieces, don't think I would be game to put them near the red lining.
Hmmm...very interesting. So, some bleed, some don't, it seems to be a crap shoot, doesn't it? It appears that LV has problems with quality control and product testing. Amazing that this is tolerated in such an expensive product. Thank you all for your feedback! Guess I am still on the fence about LV.
I have damier speedy 30 and damier alma. Both have red canvas lining and both have color transfer when rubbed with a white towel. However, nothing in my bag has ever got any red color on it. :shrugs: