Do all BBags have VEINS?

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  1. I am liking this bue noi (sp?) bag but its not veiny so am hesitant to buy but the seller said its not a fake. I really adore the color but theres not enough veins.

    So far the other Bbags I got all have veins...thanks for helping me;)
  2. Do you have a picture or a link to the bag?

    A lot of the fakes I have seen on eBay have thick looking, too smooth leather with no or not enough veining and the leather looks stiff. Also on atelier.naff they have an auth bag put up against a fake bag so you can see the differences in the leather. When you see them side by side it's easier to spot the fakes!
  3. i've seen some bbags that do not have veins at all!! and they are authentic!! it surprised me a bit since most of them have a bit of veins or distress but those i saw are in paler color like white and calcaire so i guess it's more difficult to see the veins in the bags :smile:
  4. Be careful about this bag you may potentially buy. Veins are not a characteristic of all authentic b-bags. Prior to Fall 2005, b-bags did not really have veins. Look at the overall appearance of the bag (how the leather sits up, texture, how the bag hangs... look at the hardware details) etc.
  5. Thanks guys. I bought the bag. I checked all the tips in atelier.naff and it matches. This blueberry bag (see my avatar) has veins though, its just here and there...not as veiny as my Truffle.

    See below:

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