Do all Bbags come in boxes? Did yours?

  1. I'm new to this B-bag addiction and just got my first City from Bal NY. I :heart: the bag but it didn't come with a box that my LV's would normally come in. Do I have to ask for one?
  2. No the Bal NY has been out of boxes. I've purchased two in the last month and my SA (Sarah) just emailed me that they have them in and she is shipping me one today. Call whoever you purchased the bag from and they should send you one. They usually do come in a box (don't fret).:biggrin:
  3. Thank you!
  4. Yup, Daphne(the BalNY SA I ordered my bag from the other day) said that they ship the bags out in the BalNy boxes when they have them, but they don't always have them. She said they usually run out towards the end of the year, but like shoegal said, they have some in now. :smile:
  5. I just the magenta work from the Bal NY store and it came today in the white balenciaga box. So they should have boxes for you too. Just ask them.
  6. My Twiggy from BalNY came without the box too just recently. They ran out of boxes but they now have them and can send you one if you just call them and ask.
  7. I received my Day about two weeks ago and it came in a white box so hopefully they may still have some
  8. I have Lv ,Dior and just got the bal .
    when i got the other 2 they came in elaborate boxes with lot of tissue paper etc but he bal was delivered to me in a litele big than A4 size envelope .
    did any one of u get a box????
  9. no... none of the ones I've gotten secondhand came with the box like LV or Hermes usually does. dont know why, I LOVE having the box... the new ones do though- if you request it and the store has them in stock!
  10. The two bags I have ordered from Aloha Rag have both arrived in a luscious big white box.
  11. The bbags I've purchased at Bal NYC have come in boxes. Not so for bags I've purchased at Saks or NM
  12. All my bags from stores have come with a box. Even at the busy Christmas season.
  13. Yep - mine has a white Balenciaga box with white tissue paper.
  14. Theresa never gives the boxes. You can have one of the Thersa boxes but they aren't really nice and cheaply made. But actually I don't care that much for boxes anyway because I got to many already (NAP, Stylebop and LV)
  15. If I buy them new, I always get boxes. Useful for storing the tags and mirror.