Do Alexander McQueen Pumps run tts?

  1. I fluctuate between a 37.5 and a 38 (7.5-8) and am not sure of what to go with for an online order. I don't know of any place in my area that sells Mcqueen for me to try out.

    Anyone have any tips on sizing up or down?
  2. anyone have any alexander mcqueen shoes?
  3. My recommendation would be to take the 37.5 (or smaller of your two sizes) as I personally find McQueen shoes and boots to run on the large size of things. They certainly do not run small.
  4. Interesting. I was needing to know this info. myself. I guess I would stick with a 37.5, as I fluctuate between that and 38.
  5. i got a mcqueen slingback and take 38, sizes for other brands
    - 38.5 for chanel
    - 38.5 for louboutin
    - 38/38.5 for manolo depends on styles
  6. So glad I asked!!! I ordered these (sort of spring-like but I loved the button details) from yoox last night so thank you everyone!!