Do agendas have date codes?

Dec 11, 2006
I previously posted a link in the authenticity thread about an MC agenda. A TPF'er asked me to request a photo of the date code. I just received my MC agenda from ELux today but could not find a date code. Do agendas have one, and if so, where is it located?? :shrugs:


hold me back, girls
Oct 26, 2006
yea, if you need a more descriptive location:

when you open the agenda, it's inside/under the first/left/front jacket flap all the way down to the bottom, upside down to the agenda.
Hope it helps!
Let us know what its birthday is!


Jun 28, 2006
I have a small ring agenda too, and it is hard to see the date code. It is inside the front cover on the left hand side under the pocket. Elux is getting a little sloppy on their return items though. I had to ship back the first small ring agenda they sent me (it was red, discontinued) because it had several small marks on the front, back and several scuffs on the inside. It was also missing the foam insert they put inside it to keep the rings from making impression marks on the inside leather. They sent me a replacement that is in better shape, but definitely not "new".