***~ ~ ~dlynn's "WHITE COLLECTION"~ ~ ~***

  1. Good to "see" you again!! Please post soon!!
  2. Oh my, you are brave to have such a large White collection! They are STUNNING!
  3. I know its been a long time…I have quite a few updates before the next post, but I just had to photo this one first…

    ~ ~ ~ C H A N E L ~ JUMBO FLAP ~ TURQUOISE 2014
    DSCN5957_opt.jpg DSCN5959_opt.jpg DSCN5961_opt.jpg
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  4. Dlynn, this bag is soooo fabulous! The colour is stunning! Enjoy it! :heart:
  5. What a stunning colour, congratulations!

  6. Gorgeous!!! I got the same in patent! 💙💙
  7. Gorgeous! I've missed seeing your bags :smile:
  8. Oh Bethc, please don't tell me this came in patent! A different style?
  9. AWE, THANK YOU Katiesmama….Im working on all of my updates.:smile:
  10. Gorgeous Dlynn!!! Congrats! All your bags are exquiste though. Thanks for sharing :heart:
  11. OMG! I love your collection!!
  12. Love it! This is such a beautiful, fun color!!
  13. Thanks Fashionlvoer…so glad you enjoyed!
  14. You are KILLING me! I came back to check out your pics again & see this gorgeousness! What a beauty, congrats!

  15. It's the same, jumbo classic in turquoise patent.