***~ ~ ~dlynn's "WHITE COLLECTION"~ ~ ~***

  1. i really love that your every day bags are white/light coloured. it's really inspiring! i'm afraid of lighter bags because of stains but i'm starting to feel that as long as we take care of things they will be okay...!

  2. Thank you vuitton_gucci!:smile:
  3. Seriously, I do not have problems with white bags.....knock on wood!
    I don't really baby them....yet, I don't sit them on floors, etc. I say you should
    go for it!;)
  4. Love your new addition!!!
  5. As always, love your new addition. Congrats
  6. Thanks Bethc!:smile:
  7. Intended to ask in my last posting but I forgot. What is the name of the bracelet that you're wearing? Is it Ippopita? Thanks in advance.:smile: Loving it.
  8. Soooo beautiful are all your whiteys......I would love a white givenchy...haven't found 'the one' yet....
  9. Omg! I die, love everything here!!!
  10. Yes, mlag...it is the clear quartz Ippolita....I just bought the aqua to add to my small collection...I now have 4...clear, Mother of pearl, denim and aqua. I usually don't like bangles, but these are so light and they don't make a lot of noise if you know what I mean.:lol:
  11. Thanks Jo Pedrosa...givenchy is nice too; I don't own any yet, but I do love them when I see them.:smile:
  12. Love Ippolita. I have 3 that are all turquoise, and one that is all sterling. Trying to build a generous stack. Love the stones you mentioned. I think I'll go out and take a look at them over the weekend. Thanks again.:biggrin:
  13. I was curious as to this ippolita bracelet...couldn't see pics of it here so went online and was in heaven...I can feel another addiction coming on.....but no stores here in Australia....sad.... :sad:
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    I agree about the addiction. Tpf is a very enabling place. When you see bags and jewelry like dlynn has it just makes it worse. Too bad we can't just look admire and move on.:graucho:
  15. WOW love your collection!