***~ ~ ~dlynn's "WHITE COLLECTION"~ ~ ~***

  1. Thank you Leatherforever...:smile:
  2. ~ ~ ~ new addition on the way ~ ~ ~:smile:
  3. I love all the stunning variety of bags in white, especially the Chanel :yahoo:
  4. Wow.
  5. Everything in your collection is beautiful. You have *amazing* taste and you know how to work with small accessories! Also, I love your LV Sofia Coppola bags, especially the turquoise Speedy!
  6. Thank you Smith07....white is my favorite; can you tell? HEHE!
    I am updating with a new one as soon as I can get my photos ready!:smile:
  7. Oh! I can't wait to see it!!
  8. nice color!
  9. Thank you so much for the nice compliments!....
    SC are two of my favorites!:smile:
  10. Beth....I should have it up later today....its so shiny and cute!:rolleyes:
  11. Breathtaking so beautiful :heart:
  12. I'm waiting as well. Love veiwing all your goodies. I was away from tpf for awhile. Maybe about six months. The first thread I went to yours. My DH was beginning to have issues with my purse obssesion. So I took a break. He's over it now or that's just too bad.:lolots::sad::crybaby:
  13. FUNNY mlag....my husband had an attitude this month too! What up with this? Hopefully, he will get over it too! You know, its funny....Welcome back; I was wondering where you were. You were missed! I understand though...I go away during certain times of the year too....I tend to get bored and disappear and then some new line comes and the excitement starts all over again! Hehe! ;)

    I do have to post a new one....I have to resize the photos....I'll be back!:yahoo:
  14. ~ chanel mini flap ~
    ~ 2012 ~ silver /silver hw
    DSCN4347_opt.jpg DSCN4353_opt.jpg DSCN4367_opt.jpg DSCN4368_opt.jpg DSCN4376_opt.jpg
  15. ~chanel mini flap ~ silver 2012