***~ ~ ~dlynn's "WHITE COLLECTION"~ ~ ~***

  1. Lovely, lovely collection! You have reaffirmed my love of white and light colored bags. :tup:
  2. OMG these bags are so immaculate and gorgeous (!!!!) but it also makes me so nervous seeing so much white! :nuts::wtf:

    kudos to you for such an amazing collection dlynn!
  3. OMG :faint:
  4. My Epi and Vernis Brea are my favorites at the moment! The Epi is less to worry about (vachetta), which gives it an edge on being the favorite! The Artsy is also a favorite, a little too heavy, but not enough to return it.
  5. Amazing Collection!
  6. wow amazing! never had a white bag but your collection is so gorgeous! White is truly beautiful!
  7. WOWWOWWOW, stunning!!~ how do you decide which bag to use? :lol:
  8. wow amazing!
    i love white bags..i find that they go with everything!
  9. What a great collection you have!!! I love the MC line!! Beautiful bags!! You make me want to buy the MC speedy.....I really need to stop coming into this forum! hahahah
  10. love your collection! gives me MC-cravings :lol:
  11. I know what you mean; I have not carried one of my MC bags in awhile because I've been rotating my newer ones. I love white MC and when I started pulling them out of the closet for their family portrait they brought back memories of special days when I got them and I remember how much I have enjoyed carrying them. They just put you in a "Good Mood"!
    ~I think I will carry my mc speedy today!
  12. You mean there is someone else out there who loves white? Everyone appears so scared to carry a white bag! They go with everything! Glad to know that I am not the only one and I am not crazy for my obsession with white!:smile:
  13. I am guilty of being scared to carry white....lol. But I love your collection!!! It looks sooooo amazing all together!!! And I love the patina on your MCs, they look great!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
  14. Love your collection .. so amazing !
  15. I have a new appreciation for white bags after looking at your beautiful collection. They are just gorgeous, especially the Artsy and your Breas.