DKNY- under $200! Yay or Nay?

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  1. I thought that this was cute! I had a white bulga this summer, and blue from my denim rubbed off on it! Yikes! I figured for $185.00, what the heck! Whadda ya think?[​IMG]
  2. I think that is real might not get more than one season out of it; but, at that price who cares.

    I happen to really like DK leather; it is usually extremely supple; I have been known to go into our DK boutique here and pet the handbags. :nuts:
  3. I like it, plus I wouldn't spend a lot on a white bag
  4. HE, HE, funny.
    Really, that's very helpful because I only saw this bag on I've made some bad online bag choices in the past!! see below! YIKES!!! I swear, it looked cute online...
  5. Love the bag! For that price, love it more!

    I think you'll get more than one season out of it. I bought a white bag last year and plan on using it this season too. I also carried in the fall. (I don't pay any attention to the no white after labor day rules and per Bazaar mag. they don't either!)
  6. Bella where did you find that bag?
  7. I really like it, I'd love it if it wasn't for all the studs (a few too many in my opinion). I want a white bag so bad.. Preferably a MJ, but that's not going to happen :P
  8. Oh lord.. Bella, were you high or something??? :lol:
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: That happens sometimes. Bella, hope you have found a way to deal with it:P
  10. I have a horrible confession... I bought the knit Isabella Fiore in BOTH colors!!! Please don't kick me out... I loved it when I saw it in previews. I was afraid that it would be sold out (stop laughing) so I pre-ordered 2 of them!!! I carried the black until my mother told me it was the ugliest bag she had ever seen! I promptly returned both!! oops.

    The DKNY is at They have it in red and yellow, too!
  11. Well, when I saw the picture of the knit I thought of Aspen and Vail - the bag is very reminiscent of ski lodges to me.
  13. I think it is cute and the price is such a grab.
  14. Thank goodness for this forum!! Where else could I possibly confess my online shopping trauma??
  15. The IF on the other hand I am not so sure:weird: heehee actually I think IF often time over did it.