DKNY top MAGICALLY turns see through with camera flash! OMG!!!

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    So I attended an event at the beginning of June and purchased a gorgeous plain long black DKNY top just before. I thought it was the perfect top that could be dressed up or down, and hid my imperfections very effectively... and then the camera flashes happened... and I was MORTIFIED! My funky leopard-print bra showed through for the world to see! To wear the top without having photos taken you would never in a million years guess that the top would turn transparent. It was the most unpleasant of surprises.

    Due to my stomach-churning embarrassment, I just spoke to a DKNY "Customer Relations Manager" who hardly let me get in a word and said, (and I quote) "No, don't interrupt me", very condescendingly when I tried to participate in the 'conversation'. She says she will email me, but from what she said the see-through camera ordeal is my problem, and I should have known to wear a camisole under a top that has no indication of being see-though.

    I guess it was an expensive lesson (both monetarily and self-preservation wise). I got to meet a bunch of celebrities that I admire greatly and my photos are all trash. :push::sad:


    Has anyone else had similar experiences? Help me feel less idiotic? Please??!
  2. Unfortunately this is quite common with black garments. Sorry to hear that you were disappointed.

  3. I have a nice bebe dress/tunic hoodie that does the very same thing. It is not only with a camera flash... but is sheer under some lights.

    I knew that fact, and as long as I wear a nude bra or any nice bra, I am OK with that. Sheer is 'IN'. Some people may not be comfortable with it, but some like me looooves it!

    Besides... if you own nice bras... it is also trendy to show a bit (see catwalks). Nothing wrong in that!

    We also should not fault the "companies" for the trendy items we buy (if we did not research it throughly enough ourselves). We do have the option within the time frame to return it or not.
  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear that! I don't understand one part though, why did you call DKNY?
  5. lolitakali - Are we all expected to google every item we consider purchasing? I for one am not the type to wear out a garment and then return it (unless it has fallen apart). I did not retain the receipt or the hang tags due to this.

    b00mbaka - I called DKNY to simply voice my dissatisfaction with their product. I feel I should not have to take a flash photo of myself before venturing out in public. I was very polite and sincere, and should have not been treated shabbily - esp. by a manager. :shrugs:

    I really hope it didn't do this under the lights... *mortified*!
  6. This reminds me of shots of some paparazzi pics of Victoria Beckham I saw, where exactly the same thing happened to her. She probably spent ages getting herself ready to face the world, and didn't consider this possibility either. I guess this is one more thing to consider if you are going to be photographed...
  7. At least you were wearing a bra! Sorry to hear your photos were ruined. This is quite common with dark fabrics where you'd THINK they were completely opaque only to prove not flash-proof. I don't think it's a problem with regular lighting only with the high intensity of professional flashes. Sometimes your own camera won't even catch it. It's happened to a LOT of celebrities (Anne Hathaway comes to mind).
  8. I would suggest editing the photos with a clone brush on Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. That way you can edit right over your leopard print bra. But I would never think a black shirt would so that! Maybe you should try wearing a black bra with it next time?
  9. Thanks for the suggstion Queen! I'll ask around and see if any of my buds have either of those programs, and can alter my pics for me! The files are so huge I think I'll have to copy them to disk or flash drive to successfully transfer them... but that is nothing compared to salvaging my pics! I so totally would have worn a plain bra if only I would have known!

    LOL Mockinglee! See now, here are a few celebs that you'd think would have some pull in the fashion world! "Here-ye, here-ye, new designer law to be imposed! All are to make garments opaque, lined or blatantly transparent!" Hahaa ;)

    Memory - you are so right - I will never go to an event and not "flash" myself before hand!
  10. Oh no! At least you live in the age of photoshop!

    This reminds me of the story about Missoni's first fashion show. Right before the show, his wife thought that the models' bras were making the knits look bad, so she told them to take them off, not thinking about what camera flashes they would be walking into on the runway. Well, you can imagine how all of the pictures were! It was so talked about and it really gave them the attention that they needed to launch their brand. Who'da thought?!
  11. oh, my, i'm sorry to hear about your experience. i hope you'll be able to get the photos "photoshop-ed".....

    i never thought something like this is possible...i'd have been shocked too.