dkny or longchamp?

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  1. i was going to pick up one of those medium long champ totes in either a beige, olive, or blue, or should i get this: eLUXURY - null - null this would be my work bag at the dentist office, it doesnt have to be any way, some girls have lv, coach, no names, and a dooney, so im wondering, should i stick with longchamp becuase of the style and hte name, or should i go for dkny?
  2. Longchamp
  3. aarti....couldn't see your eLuxury link. In any case, I think you should go with Longchamp. I own several and love them!
  4. Longchamp
  5. yeah thats what i thought as well, just needed to be reassured, thanks girls!! always can count on you :smile:
  6. Get a Longchamp, those bags are so cute.
  7. I also vote for Longchamp. I have a smaller tote and it takes abuse and rainstorms quite well :biggrin: As for color, I'd go for beige or blue :idea:
  8. I bought a Longchamp about 4 years ago and its still going strong!:flowers:
  9. I have a Longshamp also, no experience on a DKNY
  10. definitely longchamp!!!:smile:
  11. i just bought the longchamp! thanks girls!!
  12. Definitely Longchamp.
  13. And just out of curiosity... how do you pronounce "Longchamp" ? (I assume it's not pronounced the way it's spelled because it's a french brand?)

  14. Longchamp
  15. This thread is from 2006.
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