DKNY handbags- What range??

  1. Hey tPF gals!

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me where you would place DKNY handbags if we were to place it on an IT-bag scale.... is it low range or mid? Can it be compared with coach bags or Dooney & Burke??? I'm really curious as I have a couple of DKNYs which I use as everyday-whatever-bags...
  2. DKNY is Donna Karan's "bridge line". I would place on the same level as Coach. They're in that same price bracket. My first designer bag was a DKNY. They're extremely nice and very well made for the price.
  3. ^^ I agree - one of my first bags was a DKNY leather bag - I loved it and still do - it will always be an extreme weather (doesn't matter what happens!) kind of bag!:yes:
  4. I've always loved Donna Karen. I like the DKNY line as well. I would say the bags pricewise are on the lower end but the quality is least the DKNY bag I have is good quality. :P
  5. my first bag was dkny too! i used it until the strap started ripping. oddly enough, i used to get TONS of compliments on that purse, and now i have a really cute monogram gucci tote and i hardly get compliments..
  6. hi all!

    i've got two DKNY bags and I love them. They seem to last long especially I used them as my Uni and office bag. :smile: Been happy with them and get compliments most of the time.