DKNY bag

  1. I like this!! I want to get one! What color do you think is good? :nuts:
    pink.JPG copper.JPG
  2. Depends on what colors you wear most. If you wear cool colors I'd go with the rose; if warm then get the gold. If you wear a lot of black or gray, I think the rose would look great.
  3. Very hard decision. I like both! I would probably go for the gold.
  4. Its copper actually. not gold.. I like them both too.

    Available at

    Most prob i will buy the pink one... I LOVE pink :love:
  5. I like the rose better. It's a beautiful color and really sets off the little details, like the gold hardware, etc. I actually think that this bag in gold looked gaudy; it was so "wham!"
  6. I took a visit to Elux..., pink definately a better pick. I just love it! That strap on the close up is really nice.
  7. These are so beautiful superbaby, I really love your choice, would have stopped me on the net also. I really love the copper, more neutral. The rose at first glance I liked better, but then I felt that the copper really showed the beauty of the bag more...richer looking less kitchy.

    I just looked again.... the rose is so feminine....I don't know....can't really go wrong here.
  8. They remind me of an evening bag, the colors and the rose detail, but in a day bag shape- interesting. I like it.
  9. I love the rose, it's such a cheerful, feminine colour !
  10. I SOOOO wanted to buy that bag for my sister if it came in black -- but only the clutch comes in black. She really loves black roses but isn't a clutch kinda gal.
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