DKNY - Additional 50% Off Reduced Items Through Feb 18th

  1. The price is really good. But the size selection is ...

    Thanks for posting =D
  2. i see the black ruffle trench for 62.50-is that the same one?
    is it too puffy at the ruffle, i like it
  3. I saw the black long sleeve double breasted Isabella-trench -more classic too me and ordered it-62.50, awesome price. I needed a coat, and am in the south were this is so versatile.
    I however hated the shipping-14.00!!!!!!!! ba humbug!!!!!At least can return if i don't like-within 35 days Thanks for the thumbs up on sale-my husband says I live for a sale(he'd better be glad I don't pay full prices) but likes me looking nice so......:tup:
  4. Woohoo! Thank you for posting this!!! I just got 3 coats for under $300 shipped!!!:yahoo:
  5. Oddly enough, the retail of ruffle hem trench that I got was $295 (even on the website was $265ish, I believe.) I asked SA if it's the same style, and he checked style # and it was the same one. Oh well but my size (4) was not available online, so I just grabed it from store even it's bit expensive than online.

    Ruffle comes down just before the knee and it's super cute! :heart: