dk white reissue in 225 size?

  1. I have decided I want the 225 size in the dark white... does anyone know what department stores/ boutiques stocked this size? I am in Australia and can't do a lot of calling around in the middle of the night so hoping someone may have seen one lately somewhere...? Preferably in NYC? Thankyou so much!!!:heart:
  2. hi darkwhite. I'm from the philippines. I also wanted the off white reissue but in size227, I had my mom (who lives in the states) call Chanel NY and they have it in the size you want (225), I suggest you call Chanel in New York ASAP because that was a few days ago when my mom inquired. But I hope it's still there. OR you can try calling Chanel Paris. That's where I got my off white reissue in 227.