1. would love to hear anyone's thoughts or opinions on the reissue metallic wallets?
  2. I like them. They are very pretty.
  3. I thnk they're beautiful! LOVE anything reissues - specially the metallics.
  4. i have it and it's gorgeous!!!!!! so pretty.... i only use it for special occasions though! :p
  5. My Nordstrom s/a sent me a photo of the black metallic wallet and it is TDF! Just not my style though, but definitely a beauty!
  6. I have it in the dark silver, and I love it!
  7. It's soooooooo beautiful!!!!
  8. I love them! I want one!!!
  9. Love, love, love them and despite already having too many wallets, the black metallic is a wallet I'd buy in a heartbeat if I could find one!
  10. Yes .. they are beautiful
  11. What a beautiful baby!!