Dk green metallic 2.55 bag avail in size 227

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  1. i am returning this bag to nm. if you are interested, pls pm me so i can let the SA know to hold the bag for you. This is the larger size that's 2895ish??
  2. Larkie, I haven't seen this color IRL yet. What are you thoughts?
  3. jenn, it's a bit more minty and lighter than i expected. i was hoping for a more olive tone, too. no idea why it's called dark green when it's light, haha. it's very pretty but it's 3rd choice out of the 3 i got and i can't get too greedy, lol!!
  4. Larkie, of course you can, LOL! I hear that a lot about the green metallic. My SA said that he was hoping for a darker green. I had to choose between the pewter and the metallic green and I chose pewter. Thanks girl! The MG is officially off my list. :smile: