Dk. Brown Metallic Reissue...

  1. Has anyone heard what stores ordered the Dk. Brown Metallic Reissues and in what sizes? I talked to Chanel Chicago and Las Vegas and NM they all have no idea what is ordered yet..... According to the Look Book Dk. Brown Metallic is offered in a 2.55 and the swatch was very pretty!!! Any info would be appreciated so I can get on a waitlist! Thanks!
  2. i know this is probably not much help ~ but selfridges london & the boutiques in paris have ordered the brown ~ :flowers: ~ i know you would get a tax refund in the US but i'm not sure whether this is worth it :confused1: ~ can i ask what shade of brown it looked? ~ eg chocolate ~ or reddy brown? ~ TIA ~ v
  3. Ohhh, I posted a thread about this a few days ago!! :nuts: I saw the dark brown metallic swatch in the look back a few days back, and it was gorgeous!! :love: I haven't heard anything yet, but I saw the look book in Bloomingdale's, and spoke with an there SA today... she said to call back in two weeks, because they don't even have a buy list, and expect it around then. As for boutiques, I haven't heard a thing about the metallic brown reissue (and NM didn't order it, because my SA never mentioned the color)... I'm hoping we can get some intel on it! :love:
  4. I may have to plan at trip to Paris for my St Patrick's day b-day!:p

  5. fab idea! ~ they'd probably be enough tpf'rs to fill a couple of jumbo jets ~ :lol:
  6. Does metallic brown end up looking like bronze? It sounds so beautiful!!
  7. ^That's exactly what I was thinking! I didn't like the bronze Cabas due to the metallic finish but loved the color. If it were matte I would have kept it.