DJ Premium

  1. I got an email today
    use codes

    JJKAA 20$ OFF ON 100+

    JMDIQ 50$ OFF ON 200+

    JRZZM 200$ OFF ON 600+
  2. Which store is that for?
  3. Be careful- they charge tax even when they are not supposed to - My friend tried to explain to them the law but but they refuse to listen. its not such a great bargain when you add an extra 15.00 per item that it not supposed to be charged!
  4. Is this a legitimate website? They seem really shady to me. Any store that doesn't list a physical location in its contact information always sets off my spidey senses. And since drew2007 mentioned the extra bogus charges, I almost feel that someone should send a complaint or request to the BBB to have them checked out and verified.