Dizzy with choices.... buying new shoulder bag... which one?

Sep 23, 2007
I have a NM gift card that I have to use up and plan on buying a new LV with it...
but I have searched for many weeks on what will be the perfect choice?

Here's what I have:
Cabas Piano ... but selling soon cause I never use her due to the leather bottom
Speedy 25 mono ... also on the list to eventually sell due to size
Speedy 30 mono
Pochette in Damier Azur
Eva in mono
Illustrator pochette

so I am looking for a shoulder bag that I will want to use on a daily basis

I am considering Totally but PM or MM? Mono or Azur?
Also considering the new Marylebone PM or the Thames GM
or a Neverfull in Idylle Fusain

Can anyone give me a nudge so I can make the leap? Thanks!!!!!


Sep 20, 2011
I love my Totally and have used it almost exclusively since Xmas. Initially I struggled with the diaper bag issue, but after a lot of research, I was certain this was the right choice. I am very happy with the Totally.
Aug 2, 2008
I'd go for either the totally mm (either mono or azur) or marylebone, with the latter as my priority because imo it looks so much better.


Jan 25, 2013
I have a Totally PM which I love but.....Hands down my Marylebone PM has now become my all around favorite every day bag!!!!!