Dizzy after workout-- I don't know how to work out! Is this normal?

  1. I made a stupid mistake during my first workout by myself. I didn't do the "cool down" thing and just kind of waltzed right off the treadmill after hitting the stop button. I was so dizzy and still am. I feel all week and gimpy... I'm kind of nervous because I've never felt like this before but it's my first time really after a 1 hour intro with a personal trainer yesterday. I did different muscle groups just equally but nothing intense. I did the elliptical and then some machines for quads and my arms, then I walked fast on the treadmill for a little over 10 minutes which equaled 1 mile because I went fast at the end.

    I just feel really weird and dizzy... does it go away quickly? It's been 30 minutes exactly since I walked off that treadmill. I don't feel worse but I feel so uncomfortable and slightly the same and nervous because this is all new to me.

  2. Just make sure you are properly hydrated. If you like, you can drink some juice or have a small snack if you feel dizzy. Sometimes I feel this way at work (I cook in a hot kitchen) or after I have run in the midday sun. It goes away-- just start to learn your limits and don't push yourself too hard. They always recommend getting a check up from your doctor before starting any new exercise regime. Good luck to you.
  3. Make sure you're eating enough and staying hydrated, stretching before and after you exercise, and take the time to warm up and cool down. At the end of your workout, maybe it would help you to just walk for a couple of minutes or go slowly on whatever piece of equipment you're on. You really shouldn't be left feeling super crappy after you work out. Make sure you're not pushing yourself beyond your fitness level, either.
  4. i think it's because your body is not used to exercise yet, try just walking (not fast walking) for 30 minutes and gradually increased everyweek, and maybe because you haven't eaten enough
    don't worry, once your body get used to exercise, you will feel wonderful and addicted with it! good luck
  5. I agree w/ some of the others. . . make SURE you have a small snack prior to exercise and drink throughout.
    I work out regularly adn totally get light headed if I screw up and don't eat a little granola bar or handful of nuts about 1/2 hour before my workout.
    I usually drink at least 12 ozs of water during my workout as well.
  6. This happens to me sometimes as well. I think it's pretty normal. Although for me it usually doesn't last more than 5 minutes. Make sure to drink lots of water, and eat something afterwards.
  7. Okay... I don't know what it is about treadmills... but I get SOOO dizzy after getting off of them, it doesn't matter what I do!! We're talking through varying periods of my life, i.e. different weights, different eatting patterns, exercise levels (whether I was just starting up from being a break, or was at a point where I was working out 2 times a day), etc. They have always bothered me to varying degrees!!

    I am fine when I am on them, but as soon as I step off - I feel like someone kicked me in the head or I'm going to pass out or something??? It's very wierd...

    I've never had this problem with elliptical machines though... So I generally try to stick with those, in addition to I just like the workout better... I've never figured out why treadmills bother me so much though. :confused1:
  8. Adore, as what others have already said, make sure that you've had something to eat 1/2- to 1-hour before working out, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Also, if you'e working out with a trainer you might want to bring your dizziness up with her/him and see what they have to say.

    Bags, if you're getting dizzy only from treadmills I'm thinking that perhaps it's the leg/knee-jarring motion and sensation that you get from running on a treadmill that you don't otherwise get from working out on an elliptical. Would you be able to ask a trainer to check and look at your running form? Sometimes minor corrections help...

  9. Ok I used to be a fitnes instructor so there a few things this could be

    pretty much everyone gets dizzy when they use treadmills for the first time it will take a little time but you'll get used to it.

    Always do a cool down when you are exercising your blood flow is giving nutrients and oxygen to your muscles your working muscles help the blood flow continue around the body. When you stop exercising suddenly the increased blood flow can pool in the blood vessels, little blood & oxygen going to the brain makes you feel dizzy.

    You may have worked a little too hard yes a personal trainer will challenge you but is you ae finding things too difficult you must tell them

    I think it's possibly a combination of these things but like others said try to make sure you have a snack before training (not to close to working out) and keep drinking water
  10. another thought. . .
    have you had a physical lately or prior to starting exercise?
    Blood pressure problems can also cause this, you should get it checked to see how your BP is doing:yes:
  11. Yes, you're not alone! This is actually pretty common.

    I get dizzy quite a bit, in general. Let me ask you this: do you ever get dizzy if you stand up from sitting down? How about lose your eyesight for a second?

    It's the same thing. Some people are more prone to it than others. It's possible to faint too, if you're not careful. I get it all the time.

    The trick is to stand still and close your eyes and breathe for a second, and it will get better.

    You can "cool down" before getting off, which will help a little. Similar in concept to standing up slowly!

    For me it's a little more extreme, but I have heard that regular people have similar problems.
  12. She's right. I have these issues because of too-low blood pressure. You probably should get checked.
  13. This happened to me a few times when I started indoor cycling. The trainer told me it's usually due to 1. the fact that you body isn't used to the exercise 2. more blood needs to be pumped to your muscles in order to keep up with the effort they're making, thus less blood flow to your brain = being dizzy.

    This went away after a few sessions, drinking lots of water during the workout and some fruit BEFORE you start (an hour or so) also helped.

    Hope you feel better soon!!