Dizziness + numbness

  1. This thread regarding dizziness got me worried.

    About 2 months ago I was driving home from work, and I started to get a severe headache so I took some Advil and ate some left over gummy bears. Then after 10 minutes, my extremeties started to feel numb, then my entire body started to feel numb, I got extremley dizzy like I was going to pass out and my heart felt like it was racing. This entire time my head was pounding. I called my Mother (who recently passed away :crybaby:) and she told me to pull over and call 911. I did (btw it took 20 mintues for 911 to answer) and the 5-10 firemen showed up immediatley, but by then I was starting to feel better. I told them I'm ok, no need to take me to hospital but they woudnlt' let me go without taking my pulse, blood sugar etc. which all came back normal.

    For the past 10 years, I've had incidents of sudden dizziness when I get up too quickly. So based on teh above, and this post I'm starting to get worried.

    I guess I should see a doctor. Is a general doctor ok? or should I see some type of specialist? Any advice would help.

  2. A neurologist if your health plan doesn't make you go to your family dr for referrals.
  3. If it were me, I would start with my family doctor, and I trust him/her to refer me to a specialist if it's called for. That must be so frightening for you. I've had lengthy bouts with vertigo, but not the numbness. Good luck.
  4. Definitely get it checked out, but it sounds like the classic symptoms of a panic attack instead of something physical. Don't mention to your doctor that you think it might be that or they won't work you up thoroughly. They'll just pass you off to a counselor or psychiatrist instead. Just keep that in mind if your medical work up doesn't turn up anything. The fact that this has gone on for 10 years with no serious residuals makes me think it's a panic attack though.
  5. I suffer from the same thing while driving. They are most likely panic attacks. It sounds like you are not breathing. That results in those symptoms.

    Do you have spots in your vision or auras? If so, it could also be a complicated migrane headache. Sometimes the symptoms of numbness, visual disturbances and nausea come on w/o the intense headache. (Yep, get those too.)

    Definetly go see your primary care. Panic attacks are frightening when they come on strong, but they won't last forever and know you are not alone in suffering from them :flowers:
  6. Thanks so much for your replies. I just swithced from a HMO to a PPO, so I need t ofind a new doctor. I guess I better start on that quickly to be safe.
  7. I wanted to say Panic Attack at first, but you should rule out anything neurological...
  8. Usually the dizziness when you get up quick is called orthostatic hypotension. Your body has a little bit of trouble adjusting to the sudden change in posture so your blood pressure drops and you get dizzy. It can be alleviated by changing posture slowly instead of abruptly. As for the numbness, are you on any medications or have diabetes? The medical term for numbness or tingling in hands & feet is peripheral neuropathy & it happens sometimes as a side effect of certain medications but also could occur from years of being a diabetic, in which case it's called diabetic neuropathy. If you feel like it's happening too often, see your primary care physician first & ask if they can give you a referral to a specialist. Specialists normally, unless they are a friend or family member, don't see patients without a referral. I hope everything works out okay. Don't forget to update us!