DIY tokidoki clothes??!!

  1. Wow so apparently they make tokidoki fabric??? Where is it sold? (besides by that girl - I mean 1 yard won't make you much...) I would love to get some because my mom is really good at sewing... she could help me make some clothes :]
  2. I've seen them in some craft stores, don't know if they are authentic though!
  3. i don't think they are authentic fabric.
  4. Someone who joined here once had sold some fabric online & said she'd bought it from someone else:
    Some of it, sold by a different seller on eBay from the above mentioned person, has had some that looked a bit off, but might have been just as real.. The other person (not the girl that joined here) I'm mentioning had also sold some record-fabric, which looks like the most recent hoodie Simone's been seen wearing. So it all may be legit, but making&selling clothing out of it might be violating copyright laws or something. :shrugs:
  5. oh I never even saw that thread!
  6. i have never seen that is really cute though