DiY Tinted moisturizer?

  1. Has anybody ever made their own tinted moisturizer? I dont really see a whole lot of tinted moisturizer available that is reasonably priced, and I hate spending a whole lot on a product that I'm not familiar with.

    For those of you who may have made their own tinted moisturizer, what did you us??
  2. I've done my own before, I just take my favorite moisturizer and put it in my hand, then dab some foundation that matches my skintone and mix it together before applying. you can play around with different proportions depending on the coverage you want. It's easy!
  3. Moisturizer + a few drops of liquid foundation mixed in my hand, just like Candace said :yes:
  4. I've made my own the way the above posters said. But, I also have taken my moisturizer and added some bare minerals foundation to it and mixed it. Tinted Mineral Moisturizer!
  5. Theres a few ways of doing it;

    The foundation added to moisturizer is good, and also if you have a bronzer thats in a loose powder form, you can also add that to the moisturizer. :yes:
  6. ^ I've done that before with moisturizer and liquid foundation. Whenever I go on vacation I end up way tanner than the foundation I bring (even with LOTS of sunblock) :hrmm:...
  7. I figure now's as good a time as any to bump this thread, since I don't exactly feel like spending ~ $30 on a product I've never used before. I've got Olay complete something or other with spf, and EDM foundation. Any tips?
  8. All the time. It's usually safe to mix 1 part moisturizer to 1 part foundation.

    What I like using is mixing 1 part Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer with 1 part Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer or any other foundation - creates a glowy, dewy complexion.
  9. Take some of the moisturizer and put it in a little container (or on your hand), and add the foundation onto the moisturizer and mix it together.