DIY Skin care?

  1. I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried making their own skin care products? If so, what did you put in it? And did it work?...

    I was looking at my Cetaphil cream today and I realized that it contains a ton of chemicals! It got me wondering if it would be possible to make my own moisturizer with natural ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, etc :shrugs:...

    Care2 has a TON of recipes for DIY skin care, hair care, etc.
    The only one i've tried so far is a sugar scrub made with olive oil. Even though it was a bit greasy (i think i used too much oil) my skin was SO soft for the next week. :yes:
  3. ^ Wow thanks ladies! :tup:

    I'm looking forward to trying some of those recipes!!!
  4. I have been wanting to start doing this. Especially since vitamin C in a lot of products doesn't really work because it oxidizes very fast, so I would love to add it myself.
  5. I was looking into this a while ago also! claire----will you please post your results? Thanks:flowers:
  6. i'm definitely going to try the DIY buffy (the lush bar :smile:) that they have posted, thanks so much for the link! i LOVE using it in the shower but every time i use it i think to myself that i could so easily make this myself at home. just bought a new one, but as soon as that one's done i'll be trying this :tup:.
  7. ^ I've done the same thing with fine-grain sea salt-- it works great! :yes:

    ^ Absolutely! ;)
  8. Ok, first recipe! I made made my own bath salt last night and I LOVED it!

    I used:
    2oz fine-crystal sea salt
    2oz baking soda
    2oz dry milk powder
    1oz lavender extract massage oil (you can use pure essential oil, just use ~10 drops)
    1 tsp pure vanilla extract

    I just dumped it all in the water as it was running and it was absolutely heavenly-- so relaxing! Then before I got out of the tub, I put Johnson's lavender baby oil on my skin to keep it from drying out. I know that mineral oil is sort of controversial, but I've had mild eczema and sensitive skin my whole life and baby oil has always been a great moisturizer for me. Anyway, my skin is super soft today and people keep telling me "You smell SO good!!!" :wlae:

    I'm going to get some different essential oils so I can make all kinds of baths. I also want to make my own moisturizer, lip balm, and bath fizzies when I have more money for ingredients! :tup:
  9. thanks for the update, claire! those bath salts sound yummy! i've often thought of making bath salts to give as gifts.