DIY sheet masks?

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  1. So recently I saw something on pinterest about making your own DIY sheet masks. Apparently you can use strips of cotton or order cotton masks off amazon for cheap (They are like $3 for 50) and then add your own skincare ingredients. Most people are following "recipes", but I'm wondering if I could just dump a bunch of essence and facial cream onto the cotton mask and put it on.

    Has anyone here tried out these DIY sheet masks? What do you think?
  2. It's cheaper to buy sheet masks that waste money on expensive products to use as a mask. You can get sheet masks for a dollar and up on eBay. Also to me face creams are thick and would not be in the mask category to me. I could see using a products that are liquid like toners but are they going to do anything more by leaving it on with cotton for a half hour?

    You can use a sheet mask after you apply all your skin care products which works out really well.
    Makeup alley is a site worth joining for all sorts of great skincare information.
  3. I think most of them use serums mixed with vegetable glycerin and any additional ingredients you fancy like rose water, witch hazel, or tea tree oil.

    I agree most facial creams are too thick.
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  4. A friend gifted me with a pack of the masks and they work well with watery products (like SKII FTE) and some essences. I have yet to try them with a cream, as I'm concerned that my creams might be too thick and that having a thick layer on my face over an extended period of time could lead to irritation or breakouts. I suppose you could use an essence to water down your creams, but just be careful about mixing products on your own as some ingredients might not play well with each other and cause a reaction.
  5. I've actually been reading a lot about making your own sheet masks. The key thing is to use something hydrating like vegetable glycerin. Then people add random scented stuff like rose water, or things that people believe have some healing properties like Aloe Vera. Soak your cotton mask in it and apply.

    Mostly I just use face masks to lock in hydration, and my skincare ingredients come from other places, so this makes perfect sense to me.

    Also, evidently it's really common in Korea for women to make their own sheet masks. I did read about the Korean skin care regimen and think it sounded pricey to do a sheet mask every day, but if they are DIYing them it makes sense.

    I'm planning to order some face mask ingredients when I get back from my next trip. I'll update the thread with what I end up trying.
  6. I do not see why not. I mean traditional masques were just a thick layer of cream left on the skin. The skin absorbs what it needs and wipe the rest off- no? The quality of the product though determines the result.