DIY - removing ballpoint pen stains (long)

  1. Now, this is definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

    I discovered to my horror this afternoon that I have blue ball point stains on my Gold Togo Birkin. I was aghast because I remember very clearly that my manager told me if there is ball point ink on the leather, the bag's a goner. The thing is, I have been very careful with my bags, and it astounds me that there are even marks on my birkin. It was either caused by my DH who was looking for a small ruler in my bag (he could well be holding on to a pen), or by my children who drew on my bag :wtf: (less likely, come to think of it because if it were true, the damage would be greater!:push: )

    I happen to walk past a DIY store when I discovered the stains and I bravely walked right in. I asked for something that might help me rid the marks. The store assistant asked if the stains were fresh, and I said yes. She then reached out for a chap-stick looking thing and suggested that I try it. It's called Ink Away (by Leather Master) and cost me S$22 (USD14.50).

    I sat my daughter down in MacDonald's, gave her her french fries and started applying a little bit of the glue-like ink on a small ink spot, on the flap of my birkin. The instruction says to only leave it for 30 sec. By the 20th sec, I was quick to rub off the application. Viola! The ink came off. :nuts:

    Then I proceeded to remove the ink marks above the inside zip i.e. on the chevre lining. Again, the ink came off. :nuts:

    But what came off too, was a teenny weeny bit of the Gold dye. I am not entirely surprised for the fact that this eraser is strong enough to remove the ink so fast.

    I looked at the spots I treated and both spots look a little duller than the rest of the bag. I believe the top layer of shine or wax treatment has been removed along with the ink stain. I am crossing my fingers that when I take my birkin to my craftsman tomorrow, he will be able to give it a polish once over and restore the original shine. My SA was actually very amazed I managed to get the pen marks off, because it has never been done before ....
  2. mrssparkles.. i'm glad it worked.. oh i can imagine the horror of discovering ANY KIND of damage on a birkin.. i would be too freaked out to think about any solution!!
  3. What is the name of the store where you bought this stuff? Sounds like a great product.
    I had a similarly scary moment when I discovered a mint green streak at the bottom front of my gold Kelly. I took it to Claude and he said it was paint. I have no idea how it got on there. He didn't clean it in front of me so I don't know what he did, but minutes later he came back and the paint was totally gone, but if I look very carefully I can see there is still a very faint line on the bag where it had been. He said so many things could happen, he had seen truly everything.
  4. if you rub against flat or matte paint on walls and posts, railings etc it can come off on the thing that rubbed against it................
  5. Wow, I am so glad that it worked out. Hubbies can be so frustrating....
  6. Tamarind, I am not in the US, so I guess the name of the shop would be of no use to you. Try to google the name. I am sure you can buy it online or even from eBay!
  7. Wow...hope the craftsman can help. Sounds like an amazing product.
  8. Gosh, I'm so glad it worked for you and I bet you'll be able to get the bag to looking good again at H.

    I got an ink mark on the inside flap of my Ulysse agenda and it is driving me crazy. I'm tempted to try that stuff...

    I Googled it and found this link:
  9. I don't think you should try this on your Ulysee, Kallie Girl. It did say in the instructions that it is not suitable for nubuck and suede. And the underside of Togo is soft, and I suspect will soak up too much of the chemical and spoil it.
  10. mrssparkles...great find! I can't wait to hear how it comes back from the spa!
  11. I hope the craftsman is able to help bring the shine back.
  12. I hope so too, Queenie. But between having visible pen marks or a dull patch the size of a 20c coin, I much prefer the latter. When I spoke with my SA about it, she sounded so concerned and wanted me to go right away to the store. I told her it'll have to wait till tomorrow morning. I'm fairly confident our craftsman can put it right. He did ask me what leather and what colour, so I think he's got the stuff to make it look better again. I don't anticipate more than a leather polish.
  13. Great find! I have a pen mark on my wallet that I'm trying to get rid of. Thanx
  14. MrsS - I almost bought that at the local DIY (HomeFix) store the other day. I am so glad that the ink came off for you :push: My SA told me the same thing about the ink.. :sweatdrop: