DIY project: camellia flower hair accessory!


Apr 5, 2008
I was wondering what to do with the cloth camellia flowers that come with the Chanel ribbons and other packaging. I originally thought I'd use them to decorate my office cubicle, but then I figured I could do something useful with them instead.

The idea: barrette + camellia flower = ?

This is what I did...

1. I superglued some white bias tape to the residual double-sided tape backing of the flower.

(from left: bias tape, flower with tape glued on, flower without tape.)

2. Using a little more superglue, I attached the barrette to the bias-taped backing.

And that's all!

This is the best photo I could take of the back of my head :P I tied up my hair using a normal hair elastic, then clipped the barrette onto my hair just above the ponytail.