DIY project and reveal!!

  1. Hello ladies and gents!!! Haven't posted anything in a while but I want to show my latest purchase and how I tweaked it a bit;) I bought the Peyton Bennett mini satchel and I am so in love with this little cutie! At first I wasn't crazy about the shoulder strap but I had an idea!! Went to the craft store to get a rotary hole punch. I punched two extra holes in the strap.....can't even tell they weren't there before. Only cost me $10!! I'll be doing this a lot more to my other bags:biggrin::biggrin::thumbup:
    1394759365709.jpg 1394759524742.jpg 1394759537200.jpg 1394759547265.jpg
  2. I don't think I could be that brave, but it looks great!
  3. looks great!!!
  4. Very looks great!!! I did same thing to the strap on my punch Annabelle so it wouldn't hang so low when wearing it crossbody.
  5. Well you did a perfect job because for the life of me I cannot tell which holes you punched and which holes Coach punched! This is the first that I've seen the Peyton Satchel revealed. It is super cute; really nice! But I have a thing for just a basic leather bag/satchel, no foo foo, and if it's black it is surely true love for me! Thanks so much for the pics and the helpful DIY hint! I do appreciate it!
  6. Fantastic idea and execution! I would not hesitate to do it if I had that tool. Well, I'd make my husband do it for me. He has a super steady hand.

    Congrats on making the bag you like into a bag you love!
  7. What a great idea!!! In the past, I've taken straps to my shoe repair place and they punched extra holes for me. I like your idea much better!
  8. Good for you! Make it your own! :smile:
  9. SUCH a great idea!!
  10. Great job, thanks for posting !
  11. What a good idea! You can't even tell the difference. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Wow! I can really use this for my "baby sage"!! I'm going to get one asap!! Thank you!
  13. Thanks for sharing. Being on the shorter side I have taken many bags to leather shop for extra holes. It's great to know this tool exists and I can do it myself. It looks great.
  14. It looks great!
  15. I have to do and have done the same with my purse straps or I have added extra dog clips because designers don't account for people being over 5'6". I know the average woman in the U.S. Is 5'6" but some of us are taller.

    Please PM me if you see an Alexander Wang Rockie in black leather with nickel hardware at less than retail.