DIY Nail Polish Wall Rack

  1. I came across this cool DIY nail polish wall rack for all of the nail polish fanatics like myself :p
  2. LOVE this, I wanna try. I'd much rather display my nail polish than keep it boxed up, thanks for sharing
  3. I'm making one or two f these but a little differently--- it'll end up comparing me u set 6 bucks for 2:smile:
  4. That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
  5. That's pretty neat, thanks for sharing.
  6. I made one!!! Looks great just finishing up the trim tomorrow

  7. ^ that looks great! Good job!
  8. image-3402929320.jpg

    Finished :smile: need to get the rest of my polishes up
  9. Nice
  10. i think i need to make one also :smile:
  11. This looks like it should be hanging in a nail spa!
    Great job
  12. That looks awesome! But I could not stock all of my nail polishes on it. I am currently using a Helmet drawer from Ikea and I love it! :smile:

  13. This looks fantastic!! Great job!
  14. Thanks ladies! I love it so much. Now I need to make 4 more for polish and a few for my craft room for glitters and such :smile: fun!!!!
  15. Great job everyone.