DIY Mr. & Mrs. Umbrellas??

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  1. As many if you already know, DF and I are taking our engagement photos this Saturday but it's most likely going to rain. Our wonderful photographer Eddy from Renai Photography ( or also suggested cute umbrellas as an extra fun touch to our photos. It'll be a great way to embrace the rain instead of having it ruin our shoot. DF and I went looking at Target for some cute umbrellas but really came up with nothing. Most of the stuff which weren't black were too kiddish, too girly, or too loud overall. So I thougt of vetting a plain black umbellas and using white spray paint and a stencil, have his umbrella say, "Mr." while mine says, "Mrs." What do you think?? I think it's cute, appropiate for the occassian, and will match any of the outfit changes we do. Do you think though that the spray paint will dry and stay on the umbrella in the rain?? It shouldn't wash off I don't think.. I mean graffiti stays on the walls.. However the umbrella fabric is different from a wall, so I'm not too sure. Any input would be great!! Thanks!!
  2. give it a try, im pretty sure you can have some made up (digitally printed or embroidered) and pretty cheap too... about $25 each donno how much time you have till the big day though?

    p.s. maybe try the spray paint and see how it goes... maybe if it doesnt stay a runny effect might look really chic in the photos? assuming you can still make out the 'mr' and 'mrs'
  3. I just found [​IMG]... i don't know if it is exactly what you are after but maybe you can email the seller that they can send you some suggestions

    btw congrats of the wedding and surviving this far of the planning process and sticking with the same guy lol
  4. sorry im no help, but i have to say the "Mr" and "Mrs" on the umbrellas sounds like a great idea
  5. I would try fabric paint instead of spray paint. I would think it would stay better. But maybe a spray paint made for plastic would do well.