DIY: Making a scarf into a handbag

  1. how cute!!!:biggrin:
    brilliant idea:idea:
  2. That's really cute! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for posting that! I'm going to now need to find a scarf! Hahaha.
  4. So cute! I need to find the perfect scarf now, lol.
  5. :idea:
  6. Cool! Thanks for posting! The bangle bag seems awfully cute :biggrin:
  7. I always see tons of scarves for 25 cents each at the local thrift shop. This would be a great way to make something useful of them.
  8. super cute!
  9. Very clever idea ... I'm going to try it on one of my scarves right now. If it looks cute, I'll try and post a pic. Thanks intlset for the link
  10. Thanks IntlSet! I LOVE the bangle bag idea. I just bought an Hermes scarf and think this is a great idea. I wonder where I could get the large bangles ..... hmmmmm...
  11. how cute! i think i wanna make one.
  12. Hi Kat!

    Do you have a Michael's craft store near you? I was just in one and they had a variety of large gold and silver bangles. I'm not sure what they're used for, but they were there!
  13. coooll i'm going to try that

    i swear martha stewart has the best ideas
  14. that's really cool! Thanks!