DIY Make-up Magnet Board

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  1. This was so easy to do. I am so happy with the result. If you want to try, this is what you will need:

    1) Picture Frame
    Mine is a 14 x 18. Bought it at Bed bath and beyond.

    2) Sample size of paint and paint brush.
    My paint is from Valspar in the color Sprinkle from Lowe's

    3) Krazy Glue
    I bought Loctite gel glue at Lowe's

    4) Magnets
    I found the best magnets to be the round and blocks. Another Lowe's purchase.

    5) Piece of sheet metal
    My piece is 12 x 18 and found it pre-cut at lowe's. They had LOTS of sizes.

    First you'll undo the frame and take it apart. It should come with a boarder. I painted the boarder first and let it dry while I was choosing the make-up I wanted to use.

    Then took the sheet metal and placed it into the frame, placing the glass that came with the frame behind it, then the boarder, followed by closing up the back of the frame.

    Next part was to krazy glue magnets onto my make-up. Super easy.

    And that's basically it!

    I hung it on the wall and added the make-up.

    This was my result......
  2. [​IMG]


  3. [​IMG]


  4. [​IMG]


  5. You did a great job! LOVE it! :smile:
  6. Thank you so much! :flowers:
  7. i love how it keeps the vanity area clean! awesome idea
  8. That's really cool.
  9. Thank you... I almost got addicted and was going to make a magnet board for several rooms but DH talked me back to my senses and I returned the extra supplies. :giggles:
  10. That is cute and very clever. I aspire to be much more neat and organized but it doesn't come to me to be naturally.