DIY LV Feather Bracelet

  1. I don't think that will be one of my winter projects.....
  2. very crafty.... but dark feathers would've been nicer. and trim it shorter too :yes:

  3. i agree!

    a little black dress, red pumps and a red feather bracelet :smile: that would look nice i guess for some fancy event ;)
  4. Oh that is TOO funny, just because I can't think of where I would ever wear a bracelet like that in the first place
  5. You could wear it cleaning your house...It certainly could replace your feather duster!! LOL!!!:roflmfao:
  6. ^lol so true
  7. Yugly.
  8. When I saw the second pic of that page, a drag queen came to mind? :p
  9. I can see it on each arm, dancing around the house. I think my pugs would go wild. And I know that my cats would be stalking those suckers everytime I took them out of the bedroom.:p
  10. cute idea. i don't think i can wear feather bracelets though.
  11. Imagine trying to eat or drink with one of those on....hee
    if someone around you was allergic?