diy hilights

  1. I am used to using the frosting cap when I do my hilights BUT since I can not get to the roots, I am attempting to weave the color in. The question is, do you all know of a website were I could see how to section off my hair, etc.? I have been looking and most of the sites just have pictures of different styles and such.
    Thank you!
  2. I use the frosting cap, and it's kinda a pain. My friend says you can use the same kit, just use foil (she said they sell it at Sally's, I haven't looked there yet) to keep the highlighting mix off the hair you don't want highlighted. I'm definitely trying that next time. My hubby was helping me pull the strands through the cap...OUCH!!!! It's hard for his big hands to be gentle.
  3. I do my own with foils-do this when you are quite sure you aren't having visiters. I only do the face framing, and a little up top-you can use Sally's foil, or aluminum foil. I just use an old eyeshadow brush to paint on Frost-n-Tip, then seal with another piece of foil, and wait. With some practice (try painting on hair gel first) you can get really close to the roots. This means I only have to go for whole head/pro job every 6 months or so.