DIY Gel polish-Sensational by Nailene

  1. I was browsing at my local CVS and find this product, has anyone used it? The starter kits are retailed for $59.99. Thoughts?


  2. I'm going to change your thread title to the brand name so people can respond!
  3. I can't help but compare this to professional brands and to other DIY targeted gel polishes, like Red Carpet Manicure at Ulta or Gelish mini at Sally's. The packaging is very nice, although over packaged. I bought one of the colours (Pink Chiffon) to use with my existing gel polishes. It was okay, nothing new or different. For colour range, Sensationail's 12 colours don't touch either RCM with 36 colours or Gelish mini with 18 and more coming soon.

    I find this Sensationail lacking in a few ways. I haven't tried the system, but I am skeptical of the combined base/top coat. I also question the logic of having a removal that involves soaking in acetone for 15 minutes and scraping. There's no cuticle or nail oil in the system; they just advise putting a little petroleum jelly on the cuticle before soaking. I think that within a fews weeks of using this, you'd have dry, splitting and damaged nails.
  4. You should check out the Gelish, CND Shellac 2 week manicure, RCM and Other soak off gels for information on gel nail polish. These threads have a lot of valuable information. Also, check out the new Sticky thread on Soak off Gels.
  5. I have used this product--color only. I like it. I used the color with Gelish base and top. It applied well, wore well, and removed just like Gelish. It is a very small amount (.25 ounce) for $10. I personally think it is overpriced. You can get Gelish at Sally's with club discounts and coupons and you can get RCM at Ulta, again with club discounts and coupons. WalMart does not do discounts. So if I were choosing a "system", I would do RCM or Gelish.
  6. First Sensationail mani. I have been using Gelish for about 1 year. We'll se how it holds up. Pink Chiffon.

  7. It looks really pretty. I've seen these at the store and wondered about them. I'm interested in hearing how it wears! :smile:
  8. i have and have used this system. its pretty easy, i love the light but after having done 3 manis i'm second guessing the top/base idea. i don't think its got good adhesion. my manis last about a week but i'm a server and hard on my hands and have to wash them alot. the little light is awesome though and is a good value for someone just starting out as i was. i'm looking to upgrade to better products though since i really like the overall concept
  9. Gotta agree with it being overpriced, but good for an impulse buy :p
  10. Does anyone know if the Sensational light can be used w/ Gelish mini or RCM? And can the RCM light be used w/ Gelish mini?
  11. I would like to know this too! And I only have a rite-aid near me and I don't think I've seen this brand. Where else carries this? I have Kroger (Fred Meyer)- haven't seen it there. I also have Walgreens and Walmart near by but haven't been there in a while. Anyone know if they have there? Yes, I live in the boon docks!:tumbleweed:
  12. Bought mine at Walmart. It's a small box you could almost miss it. The starter kit was $50, but you get the led light, teeny tiny bottle of polish and top/base coat (theirs is a combo) and cleanser , bonder, a few lint free wipes and a nail file. The only thing you still need to buy is pure acetone for removal.
  13. I'll have to go to Walmart and check it out. I need to do some research and make sure it is curable with UV light.
  14. I used my no brand uv light to cure this and it worked fine. I do not have the Sensationail light but have read where others have used it with other SOGS with no problems.
  15. Thanks Ann!