DIY fix - love crossbody

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  1. Hi guys!

    A while back I posted asking for some help because I had purchased the love crossbody and it came with its turn lock missing. The advice I got was to return it but the seller wouldn't take it back.

    I absolutely loved the bag so I tried to find ways to fix it. I emailed RM customer arrive but got no reply. I tried to purchase a turn lock online, but couldn't find one that would fit. As I was browsing the craft section of eBay I came across these magnetic clasps for super cheap. So after a few weeks of waiting and a bit of super glue she has been repaired!!! The closure style is different now but aesthetically she still looks good to me :smile:

    Just wanted to share in case any of you also have faulty turn locks. This is a good alternative :smile:

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465622581.348053.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465622603.238811.jpg
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  2. Great job! You might even find you like the convenience of this closure better.
  3. You did a great job, the closure looks very cool! However, next time you purchase an Ebay item that is not as described, you can open a Paypal case. The seller will be forced to take back the bag and return the funds to you, even if there is a "all sales are final" note in the listing.
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  4. That's so smart! the eBay seller was so dishonest, maybe you can share her name & ID in the "Beware" thread in eBay subforum.
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  5. Good job! I think it makes easier to close and open than the turn lock version. I found sometimes I would insert into a wrong slot.
  6. Thanks everyone!!!! It is definitely easier to open and close now

    When the seller said no returns I just took her word for it, so naive... I think I've definitely learnt my lesson for next time haha.
  7. Hi cookiel001, do you have a picture of what how the closure look with the new clasps? I might have to do it to mine and would like some close up pics of yours . Thanks.