DIY dog grooming for my malteses. Chopping off long locks for first time.

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    I'm going to do my own puppy cuts starting this year. I purchased a set of clippers that I've tested out and since returned due to maltese hair texture issues. So I've researched and found what I think will be a good set for the fine hair of the maltese. They were more than I wanted to spend, but other maltese owners seem to be happy.

    Aside from my avatar, here is another shot of one of my girls and her long hair.

    I should have the clippers this week and will be chopping off her hair next weekend. My other maltese has shorter hair so it won't be as drastic a change.

    Hope I don't chicken out or end up shaving her bald and patchy. Please post pics of your short puppy cuts or any suggestions. Thanks!
  2. What brand clippers did you buy? I'm thinking of grooming my maltese at home!
  3. Buy Wahl if you haven't bought a pair already. They're available at Petsmart but it's much cheaper to get them at Target or Walmart. It's what I shave my Pomeranians with. It' rather easy to do if they listen to you and will sit still when you tell them. I've saved a TON of money doing their lions/mohawks in the summer. I have 3 so the clippers paid for them selves the first time I used them. If you don't want them super short then use to 2 guard.
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    Here are the clippers I bought from Andis, this is also the cheapest place I found since it is a professional groomers site:

    It comes with a free blade. I also bought an Andis large comb attachment kit.

    The maltese people also liked these:

    Since I have two malteses, one who can't stay still for long, I really wanted the extra speed since the prior clippers I tested didn't really work on the fine hair texture of the maltese. I figure it is paid off after I groom them both one time.

    This is the set that I returned. It did not work on the maltese hair- well reviewed for other breeds, but I think the maltese has such fine hair that I needed to go with what other maltese owners recommend:

    I'll post back after I use the Andis clippers for the first time this weekend. Hopefully they work this time!
  5. My maltese is prone to matting under his legs. Can the clippers go under the matts or should I cut them first?
  6. bad econmic times makes us do things ourselves and be innovative
  7. If i were you I would use scissors and carefully cut and comb through the mats first before using clippers on mats. Esp in sensitive areas where there are a lot of skin that is not as visible (such as underarm) I would be very very careful. go slow.
  8. here are some links that might help w/ pics:

    and this:
  9. [​IMG]

    haha! This IS cute
  10. ^^ yea..that is the picture in link I posted in the previous post for an example of a puppy cut, the malt is a Chrisman Maltese, one of the top tier show breeders of Maltese..I think a link should be posted just so we do not get in trouble for using their images, afterall, it is THEIR dog, THEIR picture here is the link:
  11. miss alice, I love your maltese pictures! She is adorable!
  12. The Andis clippers get a thumbs up!! Much, much better than the Wahl clippers I used before.

    Self grooming went pretty well. They both turned out cute/not bad...I still need to continue perfecting my technique and speed...I'll get better. A little choppy in some areas, which I tried my best to fix with scissors. I'm not very good at using the clippers on the leg area.

    I brushed the dogs before grooming and removed any mat areas before using the clippers. I used the clippers to remove some stubborn mat, but mostly just cut them out. I found it a much more even coat to remove the mat and brush out the coats prior to using the clippers.

    2 dogs self groomed = Clipper cost has been recouped!
  13. That's great they turned out well, they're cute little ones! It's time consuming at first but worth it for the expense involved in having them professionally groomed.

    It's been a long time since I clipped an entire dog but I do regularly clip the feet and trim breeches on our border collies and rake undercoat, it takes patience from both of us.
  14. thank you!!!

    congratulations!! it is not easy grooming maltese at impressed!!!! im also impressed that you have the guts to do the grooming, i would be scared! good job!!! your babies must be really well trained too, mine would probably squirm. now ur babies are rocking their new dos!! ;)