Arts & Crafts DIY Childrens Pretend Microphone made with household items!!

The Real Diehl

In LVoe
Sep 26, 2009
I have to share what I made for my 4 year old Princess-a handmade microphone!! Okay its pretend of course but she loves it and now uses it to sing to everything!! and its made out of foil and cardboard paper towel roll!! So easy and simple for your child who loves to make believe thier a rock star!! I did this because I hear her always singing to my rock music or Justin Bieber of course. She loves Queen, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas and Talking Heads shes very eclectic like me :smile: Things you will need: foil, glue gun, cardboard paper towel roll. What I did was wrap 2 sheets of foil around the cardboard roll one at a time then glue a tiny dot to secure it to the roll i did that with each sheet of foil then i used 3 sheets to make a sort of ball shape but made it so its hollow in the inside so its slides over the top of the cardboard roll like its the tip of the mic. i lined it with the glue from the glue gun and stuck it on good to the roll and bam!! instant mic and its cool and wont fall off no matter how rough they play and make sure you run your hands over it like a rolling pin to tighten up the foil sometimes i tye scarves to the base of it and she rocks out like Steven Tyler from Aerosmith lol. SO COOL!! i love being a mom!!