DIY Brazilian Keratin Treatment


Jan 8, 2007
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Hi, all. I really want to try the Brazilian Keratin treatment for my thick curly hair (Words cannot express how much I want straight hair.), but nobody anywhere near my area offers this service. I've checked every salon. So I was thinking about buying it and doing it myself at home: I would be surpervised by my friend who is a hairdresser, but I would be doing the treatment myself because I'd need to in the future, she won't always be around to watch me do the process. (But yes, the first time, she will supervise just incase anything goes wrong.)

So, do you think that it's possible to do this by yourself? I watched the Instructional DVD on youtube, and while it looks hard, I think that I can attempt it. Any advice?????? TIA. :P


Oct 13, 2009
I read reviews on that it is a waste of money. I myself got the professionally done treatment and it was worth every penny if you know how to care for it properly.


Aug 28, 2009
If it's the Brazilian Keratin with Formaldehyde, I wouldn't do it. The fumes are dangerous. I've had a Keratin Straightening process done three times, and not only did it work great, there were no fumes. Mine lasts about six months. You mentioned you were going to have a friend(hairdresser) supervise you. Well, it's such a tedious, and time consuming job, especially the back of your head, that I don't know if you could do it yourself. The cost is usually around $400, and it's worth every penny!!!



Jun 26, 2008
don't do it yourself. I've had it done and its very labor intensive. 450 degree straightening iron and if you mess up, you're stuck with the kink in your hair. It's expensive but worth every last penny


Dec 12, 2008
After spending 5hours with two people working on mine (I have very long curly hair) I would definitely not suggest doing it yourself. It would be impossible, even with a set of mirrors, to get the back of your head right down to the roots.

Btw, as far as a personal review, its amazing and totally worth it. My hair used to frizz up in humidity, now it gets soaked in the rain and doesn't show it at all.


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Nov 7, 2006
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I would go to a salon. Especially since this in a relatively newer treatment, I think there is a much bigger chance of something going wrong. And I don't think this is something that could be easily fixed if you messed it up. IMO.
Nov 15, 2007
Is there an ULTA near you? I was in there yesterday and as soon as the hairdresser saw my curly hair, she ran over to tell me about it. They can do it there, I think it's around $200.