DIY: Bracelet Holder!

  1. So I've been googling and trying to find how to make a bracelet display out of a Papertowel roll. Like these bracelet displays...
    I don't feel like going out and spending money on one, plus I feel like doing a craft. Any good sites? Or tutorials? Please post here!
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    Nvm... Welp here is my DIY bracelet holder/display :smile:
    I used:
    Paper Towel cardboard roll
    Flaps from a cardboard box
    Black construction paper

    It looks realyl choppy. But it's my first time making one. I'm going to make 2 more once I get some empty paper towel rolls but makes those different heights =)
  3. ooo I like this! I could also do something like that for necklaces, but taller or on a post.

    Maybe you could cover everything in velvet cloth to make it look nicer? I'd probably do that to protect my jewelry and give everything some grip so they don't slide around.

    Good job! :heart:
  4. Not bad for your first try! I like chubbiebunnie's idea of covering it in velvet. The other thing you could try is get a slightly thicker cardboard for each end and cut a hole the size of the paper towel in it. The push the paper towel roll into the hole and tape from the inside of the roll to the cardboard. Then cover the cardboard with fabric and you won't see the tape.

    Looks like you used scotch tape? If that is not secure enough you could use a craft glue like fabri tac to secure with clear packing tape.
  5. ^ I finally did get an actual stand with black velvet on it. I was at my Michaels craft store today to buy more beads and they had the exact on I first pictures way above along with necklace displays. $7.99. I need to go back and buy another one b/c I have too many bracelets I made and no where to put them