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  1. The side strap loops on my Thompson Hobo have lost their sealant on the sides and split. I know I could send this bag to Coach, but I really love it too much to risk losing it (if you own this bag, you know how I feel!)! I've decided to try and repair it myself. Now I've used Edge Kote for sealant issues on other bags, but the leather was never split apart with those. I believe that I will need to glue the sides of the leather down together before resealing the edges. I don't have pictures, but it is the same deal as in this thread:

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of flexible glue/adhesive I should use?
  2. I had the Thompson Hobo which looked worse than yours with much less wear and use of it and it went to the big Coach heaven in the sky (JAX)... but I understand your attachment to it.

    If the edges are THAT spread apart you'll want to use some flexible leather glue, glue it, let it dry, THEN seal it after you know it's not going to pull away from itself from within.

    I have a keyfob that's older that I will need to find some custom colored Edge Kote for since the pieces of suede pulled away from each other (and the glue inside probably dried up too) to fix it right.
  3. Have you considered taking it to a shoe repair place? They may be able to fix it for you.
  4. Check a fabric or craft store for leather/suede glue. Check Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Joanns