Dixie-Mex Haute Cuisine: Chorizo Cheese Biscuits & Green Mayonnaise

  1. Heat your oven to 450

    Brown Chorizo with a chopped up onion and bell pepper

    Make your regular drop biscuit recipe, or mix Bisquick with milk and a little salt until it is a bit wetter than Play-Doh.

    Cut up some sharp cheddar cheese

    On an ungreased baking sheet, drop one spoonful of biscuit dough

    Tuck a thick slice of cheese in the middle, then top with another spoon of biscuit dough

    Put biscuits in oven for 10-12minutes, or until done.

    Mix mayonnaise and salsa verde together until you like the taste and color.

    Add Yucateco, cayenne pepper etc to make it spicy. Or you can make two batches, one spicy, one not.

    When biscuits are done, open them, and spoon green mayonnaise over the halves.

    Spoon chorizo and onions over that

    Garnish the plate with sworls of green mayonnaise around the biscuit

    NOTE: If you want to reduce the calories, use milk and cheese with a lower fat content, drop the biscuits with a teaspoon, and increase the ratio of onion and bell pepper to chorizo.