Divorce Lawyers in Paris

  1. Does anyone know a good divorce lawyer in Paris France?
  2. I have a few contacts there, let me ask them and get back to you.
  3. Merci Roo=)
  4. Alexandra, you are looking into this for someone else:cry: and not for yourself!
    I wish you all the best my dear :flowers:
  5. NO,not for myself:noworry: I had been one of those before, and learned that it is best not to just pick one out of the phone book..
    thank you for your good wishes:rolleyes:
    I wish you good things too:biggrin:
  6. I have a couple emails out now Alexandra. Waiting for it to be AM in Paris for some replies. Stand by!
  7. thank you so much Roo...
    the sooner she gets the wheels in motion on this thing, the better for her. I really appriciate it...and she will, too.
  8. Check your PMs for some names Alexandra.
  9. Oh, thanks so much, Roo....=)
    you da greatest!