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  1. Divorce is an upcoming American television comedy series created by Sharon Horgan. The series will premiere on HBO in 2016.[1] The pilot episode was written by Horgan and directed by Jesse Peretz.[2]

  2. Love Thomas Haden Church! Will definitely watch this
  3. The preview is entertaining. We'll see how it goes.
  4. Starts on 10/9/16
  5. Came to this thread to see the start date. Thanks for posting!
  6. Premiere event

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  7. She looks amazing!
  8. If anyone is interested, it is on demand already!
    It is going to be a huge hit!
    So well written and acted.
  9. Is it really? It looked very dark to me in the preview, like depressing themes but maybe I need to watch an episode before judging :smile:
  10. ^^ My masochistic self is off to watch.
  11. It's on my watch list.
  12. Well, I watched the first episode last evening on my ipad. Hmmm, pretty depressing imo.

    I didn't care at all for he actor playing the husband, but maybe it is his character I don't like. SJP was sorta Carrie-like but unhappy. I did like Molly Shannon, maybe because her character is nuts. I will watch more episodes to see how things develop. Interested to see what others think about this show (it IS only 1 episode so far ...)
  13. ^^ I will watch again but I wasn't super impressed. I don't like a lot of the supporting cast. SJP is definitely carrying the show.
  14. The husband and his moustache cracked me up, I truly did not anticipate the ending!
    I read somewhere that the story takes place in Westchester, NY.
    I had no clue for some reason, I thought it was Chicago...,
    I did not find it that depressing but I have been watching The Afffair which to me is the most depressing show on cable.
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  15. ^^ I didn't find it depressing either. But I didn't think it was terribly funny either. It was stark in a slightly entertaining and slightly uncomfortable way, which is a tone I generally like but something seemed a bit off. It kind of reminded me of Girls but not as funny or as cringy, so it was a little awkward and boring.