Divorce and celebrity e-rings

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  1. Sooo I was reading through the first few pages and noticed like 75% of the couples mentioned had already divorced!!! JLo and Ben, Jen and Brad, etc.

    What do you think these celebs do with their crazy expensive 10 carat rings? Wasn't J.Lo's pink diamond ring worth $1,000,000? If I were in that position, I certainly wouldn't wear the ring since I'm not planning on marrying the guy who gave it to me, but I wouldn't be able to sell it...It's just too precious!
  2. Maybe make it into a pendant? But than again, it would be weird for them to be photograped with it on and the new hubbie probably would not appreciate it either.

    Give it to a charity to auction off? (I think they would get a nice tax write-off that way)
  3. I would be surprised if they didn't keep them.
  4. With the ones who got engaged but never actually married, I think by law they need to return the ring to the man. It's a gift in contemplation of marriage and if the marriage doesn't happen, it's not technically their ring.
  5. it's returned IF the woman broke it off. If the man breaks it off, she can keep the ring...

    at least that's what Judge Judy says
  6. I think if he cheats and she dumps him she keeps it too. Consolation prize. But mine got thrown at him, and I didn't care where it ended up. lol
  7. i think even that depends on the state. some states view it as a contract (i give u this ring and you will marry me kinda thing) and others view it as a gift.
  8. Laws differ in different places regarding this.
    Never having been in this position, I used to wonder why you would want to keep the ring, but then I read the POV of a woman whose family had dished out major $$$$ for the wedding that didn't happen (through no fault of hers) that they couldn't get back and she felt she deserved the ring--and I agree.

    I do know it's unequivocably yours almost everywhere if it happens that he gave it on Christmas or birthday-then it's not a 'conditional gift'.

    There's a bunch of information online onthe different laws in different places. Of course,if it happens that you get in front of a judge, who knows what they might do (within the law of course).

    While I don't feel I'd want the ring, I knowpeople are different--one of my best friends proudly wears a blingy e-ring made up of a center stone from her current husband--and a bunch of diamonds she had taken out of the ring from her ex, whom she absolutely hates (and he's threatened to kill her and things like that). She doesn's mind this at all. That e-ring had a bunch of diamonds--she recently had solitaire made for her daughter (daughter of the ex-husband) for her sixteenth birthday with one of the diamonds, and there are still some MORE.
  10. I would just like to say publicly that if any of these celebs need someone to take care of their rings, I would be MORE than happy to help out!
  11. A little OT, but you know which celeb ring I did NOT like? The Jennifer Aniston / Brad Pitt one.:nogood:
  12. I think I had read somewhere that Jen gave the pink diamond HW ring back to Ben after they broke up.
  13. Agreed. Kinda fug.
  14. i wonder if they ever sign contracts about who gets the ring :thinking:
  15. Once I'm given a "gift", it's MINE. I do not have to return it- at least in my opinion.

    So while it may be 'proper' to return it, it's certainly NOT a must.