Divino Shoulder Bag


Dec 13, 2009
Hi all. I'm looking online at a Divino shoulder bag in berry, but I've never had a Treesje. The Divino is a style I don't see discussed much around here. Can anyone give me the pros and cons of this style? My main worry is if the shoulder drop is too short (I prefer a 10"+ drop, but if the bag slouches down it can work) and the durability of the bag. All comments welcome.

ETA-I'm also looking at a Botkier Aiden Crossbody Hobo in plum. Which one would you choose as your 1 plum,burgandy,berry colored bag? TIA
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Sep 20, 2007
Hey! I owned the patent divino...if u look in the reference threads, you should be able to find it...also search treesje divino and ull find some people with them. I owned the grande...but it definitely was not the best as a shoulder bag...I wore it over my shoulder alot but the straps dont get softer as it was very stiff and it didnt slouch down...I dont know how the new styles with the newer leathers are though.


Jan 18, 2009
I don't own a Divino, but I think the style might not really lend itself to slouching much, at least not at the top where it matters re: strap drop. I've seen the regular size in person, though, and it does seem like a bag that lends itself more to being a satchel than a shoulder bag, particularly if your preference for a shoulder bag is a drop that's 10"+. Perhaps someone who owns a Divino can chip in with more definitive responses, but I personally think the Botkier Aiden Crossbody Hobo might suit your preferences more.

(And having fondled that one in person, it's definitely a great bag too! The shoulder drop, even when the strap is doubled up and shortened, i.e. worn hobo-style, is still very generous as well.)


Jun 30, 2008
I almost purchased a Divino last year but at the end I decided not to because even though the top closure is really secure with the extra flap, but I find it will be really troublesome when I need to dig into my stuffs in a hurry.

I still look at it from time to time though, because I really think it has very nice design. But like starkfan said, this bag also looks to me more like a satchel than a shoulder bag, other than that, it is a beautiful bag.


Dec 13, 2009
I kind of thought the Devino might not work for me even though it is a beautiful bag. I''ve just learned that if the bag isn't comfortable or not functional for me it will sit in my closet no matter how pretty it is. The organization looks great, but the strap drop is really the deal breaker, I'm afraid.


Sep 21, 2006
I really like the Divino, do they come in a mini size? I dont think the big one will work for me.


Sep 11, 2009
The Garden State, US
I like my Divino, it's the regular size and not patent and the leather is quite soft and smushy on it. It's a lighter color so I wear it in the summer and it fits comfortably over my shoulder but I guess with a coat it might be more challenging.
Oct 20, 2009
Sydneyish, AU
I have a Divino in Bordeaux, and I feel you're right about the shoulder drop. It's fine during summer (it's summer now in AU) I haven't had it long enough to need to wear it over a winter coat but when that time comes around I'm pretty sure it'll be a satchel. Also I have problems with it slipping off my shoulder when my hands are full of grocery bags, but I tend to have that problem with all bags.

That being said, it's a gorgeous bag, gets lots of compliments, unique style, gorgeous color, and I haven't had mine for very long but it appears to be pretty solid and durable.

The leather is a smooth, thin-ish, very finished leather that's crinkled, it's not that uberluxe smooshy soft leather, but it's nice. The handle and the strap that keeps it closed have a really nice ribbing, but the zipper pulls are just leather tags which I'm not too fond of.

I know I'm sounding really negative, but I do love this purse, but it's not an everyday bag. It dresses up a pair of jeans when you're wearing heels, and it's great to take to work, and it's a lot more roomy than it appears. The lack of structure does make the bag sorta expand, but then it destroys the shape of the bag, and it only expands for lots of small stuff, you can't toss a sweater or anything in it.

The biggest cons for me are that I don't think I could wear it on my arm over a coat, and that it loses structure when you set it down. If you can live with that, by all means, get this gorgeous and unique bag. I've really never seen anything that resembles it, and to me it has a sort of timeless look.